The Lux Proofs (Book 1)

Book 1 of The Lux Campfire Chronicles.

The Field kids are freaks. Clerk is a magnet loving, sulfur-burping thirteen-year-old convinced he comes from a volcano. Twelve-year-old Pazia knows she’s a megafauna Morpher ready to morph. Ten-year-old Lucy changes color while Ed, her dorky twin brother, spits gooey blood after creepy dreams. And sure, they knew Amala (Grandma) died seventeen years ago—but murdered? When a crate arrives with three PROOFS inside from a parallel universe called Lux their already weird life goes totally haywire. From Maine to Cousin Chuck’s museum in New York City and bizarre places beyond, the kids encounter wacky strangers and shocking headlines. The unforgettable journey to find Amala’s murderer before the killer strikes again has only just begun.

The Gates of Occam’s Razor (Book 2)

The Gates of Occam's Razor

Book 2 of The Lux Campfire Chronicles.

Taste some spicy hot Texas Chili with Clerk and Tsetchwe as they rendezvous with nutty old man Mlanx in a not so old, forgotten cave—of sorts. See what Weddie’s rusty keys unlock with Ed and Gabby in the Black Hills of South Dakota, while Pazia and Lucy befriend young Nima along the shores of the Yellowstone River. Can you say Polyodon spathula? Gram and Gramp open Yorick’s eyes to stonewall stubbornness as Chuck and Kalpana get dragged along for the ride. Heste and Blip save new found friends from some hungry two-legs. Who is that swimming in the dirty Hudson? See Jane zip In. See Jane zip Out. And in the shadows watch for that Olive Twister gal. Feel the dirt and a little bit of that sticky-wet Fetch vomit as Uncle Alphonse unearths something unexpected in his mud cocoon. Dig in as Umbra, Bludgmal, Sheol, Chittle and company take a stand in The Gates of Occam’s Razor under the watchful eyes of Dane (a baked bean aficionado). And Adger? Don’t forget Adger. . .

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