The Lux Campfire Chronicles

The Lux Campfire Chronicles follow the adventures of the freaky Field kids, exploring the natural history of planet Earth, the depths of the universe, and far reaching philosophies and scientific theories probing the foundational components of reality, both profoundly large and incomprehensibly small. The Chronicles do not so much invent a fantasy otherworld; they simply take creative liberties with various facts and theories from the unique world we all call home.

No worries though. It’s not all highbrow. There are burps and blood from swords. Crossbows and an errant fart or two. A parallel universe and fish tacos. New York City. A yellow Mini Cooper and Morphers. And of course it has the whole Good v. Evil theme going on. That must be a rule somewhere. It’s a little creepy, a little funny, definitely quirky. The bases are covered.

In The Lux Proofs the kids discover Amala (Grandma) was murdered seventeen years ago and now they have to find the murderer before the killer strikes again.

Clerk is a magnet loving, sulfur-burping thirteen-year-old convinced he comes from a volcano. Twelve-year-old Pazia knows she’s a megafauna Morpher ready to morph. Ten-year-old Lucy changes color and goes nuts over 11 dimensional shapes. And Ed, Lucy’s dorky twin brother, spits gooey blood after creepy dreams.

There are Fetches from Lux, with tails and fleshy membranes around their drooly mouths, running around with blow guns, poisonous darts, and swords.

Gabby (Mom) is a surly hippie from Lux who is a grizzly bear Morpher. Jake (Dad) yells at whispering tomatoes, hides poems and eats snacks from his beard. Fifteen-year-old, homeless Adger, babbles like a crazed Victorian poet and two years later, is still trying to get over his weird thirteenth birthday. Brainiac Cousin Chuck at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City and uptight geophysicist Kalpana join the fray.

Jane with her mysterious tattoo, and fourteen-year-old, blue-haired math whiz-kid Olive at the Rusty Spur are two of a kind. And in another universe, surfer dude Uncle Alphonse gets trapped in a freaky mud cocoon made with Fetch puke. Not so much the thick kind of puke, but more like the runny, watery stuff with scrambled egg-like chunks floating around. That kind.

An old Viking physicist who collects seeds, and way-mellow Weddie with his ice cores and strange old keys jump in at the right time. Tsetchwe and her much younger looking twin sister Ankie (huh?) cruise around on the weird blue shift/redshift subway. The whole parallel universe thing is going on . . . a different kind of campfire story.

Release dates:

The Lux Proofs (Pre-Order) May 3, 2011
The Gates of Occam’s Razor – October 18, 2011
Shadow of the Locust – April 3, 2012
The Fangs of Santa Clara – September 12, 2012
Winds of the Kalahari; and
Beyond the Event Horizon


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