Redshift / Blue Shift

These examples are gross generalizations but it’s a wobbly step in the right direction.

When a wave of light is crunched up (high frequency), zipping TOWARD us, we see the color BLUE.

When a wave of light is stretched out (low frequency), zipping AWAY from us, we see the color RED.

The image below (Redshift and Blue shift of light/Doppler Effect by Ales Tosovsky from the Czech Republic) does a good job of illustrating redshift.

File:Redshift blueshift.svg

Okay, you’re busy and on the fly. Check out this 30 second video with the 1950s made-for-radio voice. It’s nothing fancy, but gets the point across.

This 2.5 minute video is a little Mr. Rogerish from NASA’s Infrared Processing and Analysis Center (IPAC), but it is informative.

Okay, you’re not on the fly and you like this stuff. This 8.5 minute video from the University of Nottingham (with a nice tangent about the Milky Way and Andromeda passing through one another in a few billion years) drives the point home.

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