UDFy-38135539 – 13 Billion Light-Years Away

January 17th, 2011

Folks who study stars for their weekly paycheck recently measured the most distant galaxy EVER seen at 13 billion light-years away! They estimated the distance by measuring the redshift of light emitted from UDFy-38135539. That’s what astronomers call the newly discovered galaxy, UDFy-38135539. Go figure. Let’s call it Todd 7 because it’s easier to remember and it’s unlikely anyone on Earth is named Todd 7.

So you jump into your favorite space-time wormhole (like the one in this 4 minute natgeotv.com video)

and visit Todd 7. Wwwwwhhhiiissssssshhhh . . . you zoom across the universe. You slam into a kid named Nexxil 376 Buttercup from another distant, cozy, blue watery planet. The kid reeks like a sewer and looks like a walking, greasy zit. Nexxil speaks in burps with an eerie Aussie (they’re everywhere) accent. His burps smell worse than Clerk’s. Luckily Nexxil is having a great day and is all about peace. He offers you something that resembles a plate of jellyfish for a tasty snack.

You gotta play it cool and return the favor . . . so what are you going to give Nexxil? A can of SPAM, a pine cone, a frisbee, tickets to the Superbowl? Do tell, and it better be good.

Check out this 5 minute video about Todd 7 (UDFy-38135539).

SPOILER ALERT! SPOILER ALERT! SPOILER ALERT! If you’re not in the mood to wait until May 3, 2011, take a look at Chapter 44 – Twins, from The Lux Proofs. Yep. The red weird stuff outside the subway is redshift in a Luxian, quirky kind of way. And for the record Chapter 35 is called Blue Shift. Redshift . . . Blue Shift . . . Redshift . . . Blue Shift . . . hmmmmmmm, what’s up with that subway?

And yes, in case you’re wondering, redshift is one word and blue shift is two words.

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